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ATV Safari
ATV Safari

Period: 12 months a year.

Number of participants: 6 people. By ordering extra vehicles from another company we can send up to 11 people to the trail. In case your group is even larger, we can offer you a combined safari package, which will include the use of up to 3 amphibious ATVs as well. The maximum number of participants in a combined safari is 26 people (each amphibious ATV can seat up to 5 people).

Duration: 1 - 3 hours

Location: The initial meeting-place is at the Nelijärve Holiday Centre.

Description: The safari begins at the Nelijärve Holiday Centre where our tripleaders will introduce to you the main methods of driving and the safety requirements and ask you to sign an agreement confirming your participation at your own risk. Once the entire group is ready we will set out for the trail. Depending on the size of your group, you will be accompanied by 1 to 9 experienced tripleaders.
We will take you for an up to 3-hour-long drive in the hills and forests near the Nelijärve Holiday Centre. The trails we will be driving on will provide enough excitement and diversity for everyone to enjoy. In case everything goes as planned, we will also visit the Jäneda motocross trails. The driving speed and the trail difficulty level will be chosen by our tripleaders on the basis of your actual driving skills. If your driving skills vary to a great extent we advise you to choose our combined safari package that combines regular ATVs with amphibious ATVs. For more information, please click on the "Combined Safari" link on the left.

Gear: We can provide helmets and gloves for all participants. In case of bad weather, we can also supply you with rubber jackets and pants. However, we advise you to wear clothes suitable for a safari. Participating at a safari will not spoil your clothes only on a very cold winter day. The rest of the time you can expect to see mud or dust during your ride. Thus, we advise you to wear clothes that you do not mind getting soiled.
The best footwear is rainboots. Hiking boots will do as well but tall rainboots are still a better choice.

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